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3 ways to use technology to enhance your family holiday gathering

1. Holidays are a time for families to gather. One of my favorite parts of being with my dad's siblings was listening to their stories. They grew up in a time long lost with a life perspective unlike today. I was able to use my video camera to record a few stories. Unfortunately, that was before the internet and saving things in the cloud. The recording was lost. You don't have to worry about losing precious treasures like that anymore. And, you don't even need a special camera - just your phone. Interview your older relatives. Record it and post it for your family.

2. Are there family members who can't be present for the gathering? My eight children live in 6 cities, in 5 states and in 2 countries. It is very hard for us to all be together. So, we Facetime or do Facebook messages with video. If most of the family is gathered but there are a few who can't make it, a great way to connect is through a Zoom meeting. Have as many people as can attend. Each will be visible on the screen. You can get a free account at https://zoom.us/

3. Proper prior planning prevents poor performance. Need help with planning and organizing the family gathering? Try Trello at https://trello.com/ This program has a feature for project management. Getting your family together is certainly a project! You can plan the menu and activities along with who is responsible for what. This is a far cry from making a gazillion phone calls and not knowing if people are going to follow through. Everyone can see what is being done and what else needs to be done. This will make the actual time together relaxing.

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