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"In a sea of humanity..

..belonging is a shore of security, love and identity." 

~ Dea Irby,
THE Belonging Mentor

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Welcome Friends!

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I'M DEA! (rhymes with idea)~ THE Belonging Mentor

Thanks for stopping by.


Are you the one leading your company?

You…the one responsible for employee production?

You…the one working to keep your good people?

You…the one who has to answer for the bottom line?

You...the one who wants to build a company for the future?

You are not alone!

The Great Resignation is upon us, along with other threats to the marketplace. 

I know what it is like to have people who don’t want to work. 

I know the constant challenge of “pumping people up” to perform.

I know the difficulty of getting people to work together.


Do you want to go from Disconnect to BELONGING?

Growing up in a small MS town taught me about belonging. Since 1974 I, along with my husband, have lived in 15 homes in 5 Southern states, raising 8 children and pastoring multiple churches.


The one consistent thread throughout all my adventures has been building real community -  in the home, in business, in churches, and on teams.


I am a published author, speaker, connector, and Realtor in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC area.


I have discovered that real community is not just being connected but about being claimed! (Learn more about C.L.A.I.M.)

I thank you so much for taking a moment of your valuable time to learn about me, and I am excited to get connected!



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Does the digital age threaten our connectedness? Do families still have meals that gather everyone around the table or has the magic of the meal faded?


Is it generational? Is it economics? Maybe life has gotten too busy and hectic with work or children’s sports events, the business “grind’ or school activities to make time for family meals.


But, history shows that a meal can make a difference. Dea Irby set out on a journey to find the magic of the meal and answer these questions.

What she discovered surprised her. She will share results of the journey, her findings and the process for maximizing our human experience that may lead you to new places.   Enjoy this conversation titled "The Magic of the Meal" by Dea Irby at TedX Ashburn.

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