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Are you stuck on the surface of relationships? Do you wish to impact others by a deeper level of connection? Do you want to feel like you truly BELONG? How is that possible? Is it worth the work? Will your life have a ripple affect on future generations?

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Entertaining Stories from Life

Nothing like a good laugh to lift your spirits and feel connected. And, sometimes you just want to be entertained and not instructed. Everyone loves stories and Dea has plenty to tell you from parenting her eight children to being a business owner. Give her a theme or a topic and get ready for fun.


The Magic of The Meal

Learning together connects people to each other and to new knowledge! Science and history tell us there is magic in eating together. But, with our modern lives, the family meal is disappearing and our society is suffering. Let's gather around the table again to build belonging in our families, workplaces, and communities. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to prepare a big spread.


Leadership that Builds Belonging

Connect with who you are as a leader so you can connect with those you lead. Whether you are leading a company or leading your family, you want your people to be loyal and productive. Those you lead don't just need to be connected but they need to belong. This workshop will walk you through the 5 elements that make this possible.



Let's Talk Tea

Nothing like a cup of tea to build belonging! Curious about tea? Connect to the mystery of tea with a Tea Presentation for your tea party. As the former owner of The Baron York Tea Room Cafe and Gift Shop and author of "A Dollop and A Pinch: Recipes and Stories from The Baron York," Dea is ready to talk tea.


Dea's expertise is in stirring the heart. She makes you feel like you're the most important and at the same time her wisdom reminds you, you're not alone. My most favorite of Dea's speeches is her one about CLAIMING.
Don't miss it!

Annelies G

Dea is an exciting and entertaining speaker, no matter what her subject is. I have heard her speak on several occasions on several subjects, from comedy to serious matters

Norm W

What you shared was amazing. You are a gift-the depth of your experience as a mom of 8, wife of pastor, entrepreneur, and business woman give you a depth of wisdom from which everyone can relate. I am amazed at how you have let God completely re-define you in so many different ways. It is like each different role is another “cut” in a diamond making you sparkle and shine for Jesus in a unique and beautiful way. You were funny, engaging, profound, encouraging and heartfelt as a speaker. You were by far the best speaker of the year and one of the best female speakers that I have heard because of your depth of experience, your wisdom, and your dramatic storytelling. You had us laughing and crying in the same moment. You exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I also appreciated that you took time to talk to ladies before, during and after the event. Thank you, thank you for the wonderful gift of YOU and for sharing out of all you have been through.

Ashley O



The Connector

Growing up in a small MS town taught Dea Irby about belonging. She and her husband since 1974 have lived in 15 homes in 5 Southern states, raising 8 children and pastoring churches. The one consistent thread throughout all her adventures has been building real community -  in the home, in business, in churches, and on teams. Dea is a published author, speaker, connector, and Realtor in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC area. Dea has discovered that real community is not just being connected but about being claimed.





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