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More than a cookbook, this literary work takes you to the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and entertains you with slices of life, tempts you with culinary delights and educates you with insightful information. A Dollop and A Pinch was written after The Baron York Tea Room and Gift Shop (2003-2011) closed. The customers requested it!

They wanted to continue enjoying the food they had come to love.


More of Dea's books:

Coming Soon!

Boosting the Bottom Line

with a Belonging Strategy


In the middle of The Great Resignation, many business leaders struggle with keeping team members motivated and good team members from leaving. 

I teach a five facet leadership strategy in order to build a community in the workplace where team members are motivated to be productive and want to stay. 

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A Guide for Parents

What happens if you pray for your children to go WHEREVER and do WHATEVER God has planned for them? How can you help your child see a bigger world? Author Dea Irby explains five actions God led her and her husband to take that spread their eight children over six continents.

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and get one free!

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