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Order Dea's Cookbook Today!


More than a cookbook, this literary work takes you to the beautiful North Georgia Mountains and entertains you with slices of life, tempts you with culinary delights and educates you with insightful information. A Dollop and A Pinch was written after The Baron York Tea Room and Gift Shop (2003-2011) closed. The customers requested it!

They wanted to continue enjoying the food they had come to love.


More of Dea's books:

Coming Soon!

Boosting the Bottom Line

with a Belonging Strategy


In the middle of The Great Resignation, many business leaders struggle with keeping team members motivated and good team members from leaving. 

I teach a five facet leadership strategy in order to build a community in the workplace where team members are motivated to be productive and want to stay. 

Buy Now | $197 ( 75% off )



A Guide for Parents

What happens if you pray for your children to go WHEREVER and do WHATEVER God has planned for them? How can you help your child see a bigger world? Author Dea Irby explains five actions God led her and her husband to take that spread their eight children over six continents.

Buy Now | $7.00


FIRST YOU DECIDE:Five steps to realizing your dreams

Are you feeling stuck? Do you find you continue to get ready to get ready and can't move forward? You are not alone. You are only four steps and a debrief from reaching your goals.

Join in on this live mastermind for three months to decide, discover, design, and deliver then debrief on that goal you have wanted to reach. There will be action steps, accountability and support in the private Facebook group.

Why wait any longer? You know you want to go for it.

First Step: DECIDE! You are already on the road to victory when you make the decision to commit to this mastermind! You Got This!

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