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Hi, I’m Dea!


Thank you for considering me as a keynote speaker for your conference!


I'd like to speak directly to you because I believe your conference or corporate event is too important for a vague or impersonal landing page. 

You: Seek the perfect keynote presenter who will speak to your audience’s specific pain points and unique challenges.

You want someone who will inspire--but also offer insights with real-world ideas and examples. (You don't want them walking away with the vague unease of "What now?")

You seek a speaker who will connect with your audience. Make them laugh. Make them think. You need a motivational speaker who will motivate and activate.

Me: YES! I want all that, too.

I want to be sure I am the best fit for your event or meeting, and I want to deliver the most effective keynote presentation I can to your company or group.

My mission is not only to connect with your audience, and make them feel connected as well, but to also break down the complexities that exist in their minds and give them practical action steps that will deliver real results!

I also want your corporate audience to have fun, because I don’t believe that education and fun are mutually exclusive.

Finally, I want to help you fill seats. 

If this feels a little like a personal ad, that’s intentional: I want to be a partner in making your event the best version of itself it can possibly be. (As the best relationships do.)

Sound good? Let’s talk.

You can contact me directly here.


Before your event

Dea can...

  • Use her social networks and connections to help promote her appearance at your event

  • Create a promotional video or other content for your event, highlighting her session and why people should attend

  • Work with you and your team to ensure that her topic and presentation align with the needs of your audience


During your event

Dea can...

  • Deliver a customized presentation that fits your audience’s specific needs

  • Deliver an entertaining and inspiring performance onstage, as well as connect and engage with attendees on the floor

  • Be accessible for on-site video and audio interviews to help increase exposure for your event


After your event

Dea can...

  • Interact with event attendees on social media to help increase exposure

  • Recommend the event to like-minded businesspeople and future speakers

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Building Community with C.L.A.I.M - 2021


People don’t only want to be connected, they want to be claimed.

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Does the digital age threaten our connectedness? Do families still have meals that gather everyone around the table or has the magic of the meal faded?


Is it generational? Is it economics? Maybe life has gotten too busy and hectic with work or children’s sports events, the business “grind’ or school activities to make time for family meals.


But, history shows that a meal can make a difference. Dea Irby set out on a journey to find the magic of the meal and answer these questions.

What she discovered surprised her. She will share results of the journey, her findings and the process for maximizing our human experience that may lead you to new places.   Enjoy this conversation titled "The Magic of the Meal" by Dea Irby at TedX Ashburn.

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