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What Color is your Company?

Is it Fiery Red, Cautious Yellow, or Growing Green?

You are responsible for people at work, and you are not sure how it’s going. Have you ever thought about the atmosphere of your business? What color is your company? I don’t mean how much pigment or shades of gray but what color is the culture of your company? Like a traffic light, is it red, yellow or green?

If it is red, well, you know first hand what the great resignation is doing to businesses. If it is red, there are sparks and fire all the time in the office between employees, between you and your workers and it’s so hot like a fire people are running away. Not many people run to a fire, unless, they’re the fireman. And workers are running from the red fire at work. The atmosphere is toxic. People are suffocating.

Red at a traffic signal also stands for STOP. Is your business at a dead stop? Do you need to change the color of your company culture?

Maybe things are not that bad, maybe your company is not red hot but maybe it is yellow.

Be cautious of that.

Because you do not know if people want to stay, or if they hear a good offer, they’ll go somewhere else, or be like the 4.5M people last year that just quit. Be cautious. Go slow and evaluate.

Good for you, you’re not in the red, but where do you want to be? And how can you get there? If you have driven a car or been in traffic, at this intersection you know that there is one more color, and it is green.

Green is the evidence of growth, like a fresh plant growing. If your company is green, you are alive, producing, being nurtured and fed. Green is the same color as MONEY. If you have a healthy, growing company, it will affect the bottom-line. You will see more production out of your employees, they will be motivated. There will be an atmosphere with oxygen to breathe and encouragement, and nutrients. Your team members are nurtured, they’re growing. If you are red, how can you (unless you just want to close the doors) move from red to yellow, or if you’re yellow to green?

It is by changing theculture of the company, and how can you do that? By implementing the 5-facet leadership strategy of CLAIM in your company that will build a community of belonging.

What color is YOUR workplace? Leave a comment and why you picked that color.

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